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Sat 19 Aug 2006

I realized that I screwed up in my post below. The /dev/uba* entry is created by the USB block device code in the Linux kernel. This code is not the best choice to use, though, for some reason which eludes me -- all the cool kids say that you should use the USB storage code, which does require scsi emulation, while the block device code does not. When I configured my kernel, I missed some obscure configuration option which hosed the scsi system's recognition of the flash drive, and the block device code swooped in and took over.

Man, what a pain.

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In order to fulfill the name of this website, I have decided to list the best Dire Straits songs for posterity.

  1. Follow Me Home, from Communique
  2. Romeo and Juliet, from Making Movies
  3. Brothers in Arms, from Brothers in Arms, appropriately enough
  4. Down to the Waterline, from the self-titled debut
  5. Tunnel of Love, from Making Movies
  6. Portobello Belle, from Communique
  7. Where do You Think You're Going?, from Communique
  8. Private Investigations, from Love Over Gold
  9. How Long, from On Every Street
  10. Ride Across the River, from Brothers in Arms
However, despite the presence of three Communique songs on there, that's far from my favorite Dire Straits album. If I had to pick one, it would probably be Love Over Gold, from which Telegraph Road and It Never Rains just barely missed this list. Communique has too many songs which are just crap. It's funny -- the good songs are the odd-numbered tracks, and the lame ones are the even numbered. Worst of the bunch is the self-titled debut.

Ok, let's do a comparison to the Dire Straits greatest hits cd... Well, they got Brothers in Arms, Romeo and Juliet and Tunnel of Love right. These are not Dire Straits best songs, though. It makes me happy to know that with a CD burner, I can make my own dang greatest hits cd, and avoid the even-numbered tracks on Communique. Something tells me, though, that the RIAA is not happy that I can do that, even though I do own just about all of Dire Straits' stuff...
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Boy, talk about a generic blog. What can I say, I'm not a design guy. My brother says he'll design a template for me if I want...

These are the sites that I read the most:

instapundit (like many, many other people)
Google News
OK, OK, so I'm biased. Big deal.

Arts & Letters Daily

The best dang writing on the web, period. (At least it was, when I set up this blog 4 years ago.)
Lileks (especially the Bleat)
Eject! Eject! Eject!

Dave Barry
Tim Blair
Worse Than Failure

Legal Stuff
How Appealing
Balkin (when I want to get mad)
Volokh & Co. (I like Phillipe the best) (where did he go, anyway?)
Some Harvard graduate who happens to be totally hilarious.

Other interesting political commentary
Colby Cosh
Impromptus (and what happened to him, too?)
Best of the Web

Baseball stuff
Hunt (What the heck happened to him, anyway?)
Viva El Birdos

Geek stuff

Sites I used to read all the time, but rarely visit anymore
Yahoo Money
Andrew Sullivan
New York Press

Marvelous ways to waste an afternoon
Travels with Samantha (rated PG-13)
The Institute of Official Cheer
The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit
Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
The Tolkien Sarcasm Page
Wikipedia's BJAODN

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