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Thu 08 Jun 2006

I got a new toy -- a Dell Inspiron B130 laptop -- at work. I decided to wipe XP and install Debian on it. With all the crap that Dell puts on a new computer, can you blame me? So I spent quite a bit of time trying to tie everything together -- ("let's see... backport of to sarge? check. Hack to update bios on every reboot for screen resolution? check. Compile ALSA drivers from source to get the sound card to work? check. Script to flash the firmware of the printer every time, too? check.")

One thing eluded me, though -- the USB flash drive. The most recent kernel (well, not anymore -- I used, but they're up to now) didn't add /dev/sda1 like everything says it's supposed to! ARGGHHH! But, I figured out today that apparently Linus's war on SCSI emulation in the CD-Burning arena has expanded to the USB province too, and the device name was actually /dev/uba1. Or maybe Linus's war on SCSI emulation had nothing to do with it, I have no idea. (hey, if you can't pontificate ignorantly on the internet, where CAN you ignorantly pontificate?)

All I know is that nowhere on the web could I find reference to this device, so I'm blogging it so it'll be out there now. Want to get your USB flash drive to work in a recent kernel? Look for /dev/uba1, NOT /dev/sda1.

Much props to this guy, who (though he doesn't know it, unless he reads his server logs a little too intently) helped me immensely, first with a nice new deb of amaroK, then with an updated deb of udev that doesn't conflict with either ALSA or hotplug. Mr. Stosberg, I salute you.
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